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3D Secure


What is 3D Secure?

Also known as Mastercard Identity CheckTM, 3D Secure is a free and automatic online security service that has been created to give you an extra level of security and help guard your credit card against unauthorised use online.

When you make a purchase in a shop using your credit card, you're asked to enter a PIN number to validate the transaction. 3D Secure allows you to validate transactions you make over the internet in a similar way.

How does 3D work?

Depending on the nature of the transaction, you may occasionally receive a text message to your mobile phone with a one-time passcode. You will have to enter that one-time passcode when completing your payment online.

A mobile phone is required to receive a text message with your one-time passcode. You can check your account has the right mobile number in the Settings menu of your online account or by calling our Customer Service Team.

What changes have you made to 3D Secure?

We have introduced a new secure verification system where you will no longer be required to register your credit card or create and remember a password when you shop online.

What if the online retailer is not using 3D Secure?

3D Secure is an additional security measure so not all websites will use it. However your transactions are always protected against fraudulent use through the Mastercard and Visa chargeback schemes.

Do I need to re-register my card if I get a new one?

You no longer need to register your card for 3D Secure.


Servicing my card


Will I be able to service my credit card online and over the phone?

At Avant Money, we provide both online and phone support allowing you to access your account information at any time.
Credit card customers can access the following services online:

  • Activate your new card
  • Check your balance and transactions
  • View and print up to 3 years of monthly statements
  • Request a replacement card or a copy of your PIN
  • Make debit card payments
  • Add a travel notice to your account when you are going abroad
  • Update personal information

If you’d rather give us a call, you can use our 24/7 automated telephone banking service on 0818 409 511.
Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays, excluding Bank Holidays.

How do I activate my card?

Once you’ve received your new Avant Money credit card, you need to activate it online. To do this, you will need your card or account number and credit limit details.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have a complaint we want to hear from you. Please call us on 0818 409 511* or write to us at Customer Advocate Manager, PO Box 25, Carrick-on-Shannon. Co. Leitrim.

For more information on our complaints process please click here.

*Calls charged at national rates, cost may vary depending on your telecoms provider.

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Online Banking


How do I enrol for online banking?

You will need the following information to enrol online:

  • Your credit card OR account details.
  • The credit limit on your account - you'll find this on your card mailer or recent statement.

You will also need to enter some important details about you and your card, and create a username and password. Once you start the enrolment process, you will be prompted along the way with all of the information you need to access your account.

If you've enrolled before with a different account you don't need to enrol again. Just log into your online account and add your second account to the same online profile by either going to the account section in the online header or go to the settings menu.

To stay secure, please choose log in details which are easy to remember but difficult to guess and never give them to anyone else.

I've forgotten my log in details, what do I do?

If you've forgotten your log in details, it's easy to reset them if you click on the 'Forgotten your log in details' link on the log in page and follow the instructions. You'll be asked to provide some information about you and your account, choose a new password and then you will be able to access your account.

Can I enrol if I am an additional cardholder?

Yes, additional authorised card users can enrol onto online banking. This must be completed using the additional cardholders credit card details and not the account number.

Do I need to have javascript switched on to access my online account?

Yes, to access your online account and for best performance, you must have JavaScript switched on
JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. If it is disabled, the content or the functionality of a web page you visit may be limited or unavailable.
Most web browsers now support JavaScript. If yours doesn't, please upgrade to the latest version of your browser, or download a new one. It's worth upgrading your browser when updates are available so that you get the best performance from any website you visit.

What do I do if I am in financial difficulty?

The first thing to do is understand your financial situation by reviewing your financial circumstances, for example with the free budget planner located on the It’s Your Money website. Secondly, check if you have insurance (such as payment protection insurance) and, if you do, check your policy to see if you can make a claim. Thirdly, if you do have concerns, you can print, complete and return our Income and Expenditure to:

Po Box 25
Carrick on Shannon
Co. Leitrim

You can call us with the details of your incomings and outgoings on 0818 211 784 to discuss the options available to you or you can contact MABS for assistance.
Money Advice and Budgeting Service
Lo Call: 1890 283 438





I don’t recognise a transaction on my account, what should I do?

If a transaction is showing on your statement that you believe is incorrect, please check if any additional cardholders on your account have carried out the transaction. You can also find out more details about the transaction online by selecting the + sign beside the transaction.  This will give you the date of the transaction, the card used and the merchant type.

Some companies may charge under a different name (e.g. their parent company) so you could try searching the internet to identify a merchant and find their telephone number so you can contact them.

If you still do not recognise the transaction, please contact our Customer Service Team.  They are available on 0818 409 511 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays.

Please try to notify us within 30 days of the statement date so we can help you obtain a refund.

What do I do if a company goes into Administration/Liquidation?

You should first contact the merchant and/or the company’s administrator, if possible by telephone, or visit their web site for up to date information.  If you are unable to resolve your query directly with them you can call our Customer Service team for additional assistance.  They are available on 0818 409 511 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays

Can you cancel a purchase/transaction on my account?

We cannot cancel a transaction after it has been made so you will need to contact the retailer directly to cancel the transaction or request a refund.  However, If you are unable to resolve your query directly with them you can call our Customer Service team for additional assistance.  They are available on 0818 409 511 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays. 

How do I cancel a subscription transaction?

If you’ve previously authorised a merchant to charge regular amounts to your account (e.g. annual subscriptions or insurances) but want to cancel future payments, you must notify the merchant directly.  If you are unable to resolve your query directly with them you can call our Customer Service team for additional assistance.  They are available on 0818 409 511 from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays. 

What happens if my cards are used fraudulently?

If your credit card is used without your knowledge or consent, or goes missing, please call our 24 hour Lost & Stolen Team on this freephone number 1800 286 262 or +353 71 95 94040 from abroad.  They will block your card immediately, investigate any unrecognised transactions and assist you in obtaining a refund through the Mastercard or VISA chargeback process if possible.

What do I do if I pay for goods or a service with my credit card but don’t receive them?

You should first contact the merchant by email or telephone.   If you are unable to resolve your query directly with them you can call our Customer Service team for additional assistance on 0818 409 511, 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays.  They will help you get a refund through the Mastercard or VISA chargeback process.


Fees and charges


Why have I been charged retail interest?

Retail interest is charged on all transactions, handling fees and default charges starting on the date that they are posted or applied to your account and ending on the date that you pay the total account balance in full.

You will not be charged interest on the card purchases shown on your current statement, if you pay off the total account balance shown on that current statement by the payment due date shown on that statement, provided you have also paid off the total account balance shown on the previous month’s statement by the payment due date shown on that statement.

We calculate retail interest each day so the earlier you make the payment, the less retail interest you will have to pay.

Other transactions such as cash withdrawals and gambling will accrue interest daily.

Interest will appear as a “finance charge” on your statement

Are there any other fees and charges?

Yes, fees and charges apply to Avant Money credit card customers under the following circumstances:

Late fee: There will be a fee of €15.24 each time your minimum payment has not reach your account in cleared funds by the date that payment is due.

Over limit fee: A fee of €12.70 will be charged and applied once on any monthly statement if, and when, you are over your credit limit at any time during that statement period.

Returned payment fee: A fee of €19.05 will be charged each time a direct debit or other item for payment into your account is unpaid.

Cash handling fee: A charge of 1.5% (minimum €2.50, no maximum) is applied to your account when you make cash transactions. A cash transaction is considered to be any transaction resulting in the provision of cash or a cash substitute from your account by using a card or card number issued under your account, including foreign currency, travellers’ cheques, postal orders, gambling transactions and any electronic transfers of cash which are not money transfers.

Foreign exchange commission: A fee of 2.65% of the value of each foreign exchange transaction will be charged by us if you make any transaction in a currency other than Euro.

To see the total percentage mark-up applied to foreign exchange transactions within the European Economic Area (EEA), please click here.

Government stamp duty: Each year the government charges a tax (stamp duty) on all cards issued by financial institutions. This charge is applicable to each unique card/account you have in your own name. This stamp duty may change on a yearly basis depending on the amount agreed by the government in the annual budget.

Payments at the post office: If you have to make a payment over the counter at a post office a processing fee of €0.97 will apply.

Insurance Intermediary: Avantcard DAC is an insurance intermediary for the Payment Protection Insurance cover provided by AXA, (AXA France VIE S.A. & AXA France IARD S.A.), on Avant Money credit cards. Avantcard DAC retains a commission of 50% of the total insurance premium paid by a customer.




When will I receive my statement?

Your statement will be posted to you once a month unless you have selected eStatements. For these, we will send a notification via email on a monthly basis to let you know that your eStatement is ready to view online. You can change your statement delivery method any time in the Setting menu of your online account.

Your statement will inform you of the minimum payment amount and the date it is due. In certain circumstances, we can amend the statement so your payment date falls at an alternative time of the month. If you would like to discuss your statement with us please call our team on 0818 409 511.

Why are some months showing as "not available" on my statement menu?

You will see this message on the statement menu when a statement has yet to be generated for that month. This message can also appear if there was no balance on your account at that time.

How is my minimum payment calculated?

The minimum payment is what you must pay by the due date shown on your statement each month. This amount is calculated as follows:

If your statement balance is €25 or less, it will be the total amount of the balance shown.

If your statement balance is more than €25, your minimum payment will be the greater amount of either: €25 or 1% of your statement balance before any default charges, processing fees, foreign currency fees and interest (to which we'll then add an amount equal to the default charges, processing fees, foreign currency fees and interest). Your minimum payment will not exceed the balance shown on your statement.

I'm not receiving my statement email notification, what should I do?

If you are not receiving email notifications, we suggest you check that the email address we hold for you is correct. You can do this by logging into your online banking account in your Settings menu.

Occasionally when you are using a business email account, the firewall may be blocking the email being delivered. Check your 'junk/spam' inbox and if the email is located there then add the email to your safe list.
If the problem persists, call our team on 0818 409 511 and we’ll help to sort this out for you.




How can I pay my credit card and how long does the payment take to reach my account?

Making payments on time is an important part of managing your credit card and shows you can manage your finances responsibly. You will find the minimum payment amount you need to pay and the date the payment is due either on your statement or online.
There are a number of ways you can make payments to your account:

Payments directly from your current account
To pay online, by telephone banking or standing order via your bank account provider you will need the details below

Our BIC which is CITIIE2X
Our IBAN IE90CITI99005117683012
Your 16 digit credit card account number which begins with 245. This is different to your card number and must exclude any '000' if displayed at the start of the account number. You will find this number on your statement. Using any other information as a reference will result in your payment being returned.

You can make your monthly payment the easy way by setting up a direct debit on your credit card account. You can relax knowing that either your minimum payment or full balance will be paid without the hassle of making a manual payment. You can request a direct debit mandate online here.
You should allow 5 business days for the payment to reach your account by your payment due date

Payments via the Post Office
You will need to bring your payment (cash or debit card) along with your giro slip (at the bottom of your statement) or credit card to the post office. You should allow 3 business days for the payment to reach your account
There is a processing fee for all payments to your account made over the counter at the post office of €0.97. No interest will be charged on this fee

Payments directly to us
You can make debit card payments any time on your online banking account. Payments made before 4.00pm on business days will be credited to your credit card account the next business day. Payments made after 4.00pm or on weekends and Bank Holidays will be credited to your account in 2 business days.
You can also pay with your VISA or Mastercard debit card over the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling us on 0818 409 511 and selecting the “make a payment” option from the menu.
Business days exclude weekends and bank holidays

Can I make payments online?

You can make payments online by debit card for any amount, at any time in the Payments menu. Payments made before 4pm will be credited to your account within 1 business day, after 4pm it will take a further day - business days excludes weekends and bank holidays

When will my direct debit leave my current account?

Your direct debit payment will be credited to your credit card account on your payment due date or if on a Sunday or Bank Holiday it will be credited the previous business day, and will be debited from your bank account on either the same or the next business day.
To find out when your next payment will be debited from your bank, please refer to your latest credit card statement online.
Direct debit payments will appear on your bank account statement with the name, ‘Avant Money’.
Please note: If you have any additional payments or credits posted on your account at the time we send the instruction to your bank (normally 7 working days in advance), we will reduce your Direct Debit amount to prevent the Direct Debit plus those credits from collecting more than the balance as shown on your latest statement.

What happens if I forget to make a payment?

A late payment fee will be charged to your account if at least the minimum payment shown on your statement has not been credited to your account by the payment due date shown on that statement. You can check when your next payment is due online.
When choosing a payment method, please ensure you know how long it takes for the payment to reach your account - if your payment due date is soon, you should select a quicker payment method. If you forget to make a payment you should make one as soon as possible to bring your account up to date.

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My Card & PIN


Can I change my PIN?

Yes, you can change your PIN to one that you will be able to recall easily without the need to store it anywhere. You can go to the following ATMs in Ireland: Ulster Bank, AIB and Bank of Ireland. It is best to avoid numbers that would be easy to guess such as your date of birth or a common sequence like 9999.

How do I get a copy of my PIN?

You can request a copy of your PIN online or by calling our Customer Service Team on 0818 409 511 between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am and 2pm on Saturdays, excluding Bank Holidays.

How do I unlock my PIN?

If your card has been locked at point of sale you will need to contact our Customer Service Team to unlock it for you. You can call them on 0818 409 511 between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am and 2pm on Saturdays, excluding Bank Holidays.

My card is not working, how do I order a new one?

You can order a replacement card online under your Services menu. However, if your card has been lost or stolen or the name on the card has changed please call our Customer Service Team on 0818 409 511 as they will need to order a new card for you.


Lost, stolen or replacement cards


How can I report my card lost or stolen?

You can report a lost/stolen card 24/7 by calling on this freephone number 1800 286 262 or +353 71 95 94040 if you are abroad.

How long does it take for a new card to arrive?

Once ordered, a replacement card will take 5-7 working days to arrive.

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Using my card abroad


What do I need to know about using my credit card abroad?

Before you travel: There’s no need to withdraw large amounts of euro or foreign currency when you can use your credit card in almost every country around the world for both shopping and withdrawing cash at local ATMs.

It is useful for us to know in advance that you are going to be abroad so we know to expect some international transactions and can minimise any inconvenience when using your card - let us know by adding a travel notice to your card online or calling us on 0818 409 511.

Ensure that you have our overseas number +353 71 9594040 written down and saved on your mobile phone - we’ll be here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need our help in the event your card is lost or stolen, no matter where in the world you are. It is also useful to keep a copy of all your important phone numbers in your hotel room.

While you’re away:

  • Your PIN
  • Be careful with your PIN, never give it to anyone for any reason
  • At an ATM, be aware of your surroundings and use an ATM that is in a busy location
  • Remember to always shield your PIN
  • Check the amount you are paying at the retailer’s terminal before entering your PIN


Your card

  • Keep your cards with you rather than packing them in your suitcase and don’t leave your card unattended either in your hotel room or when using it in shops or restaurants
  • Always ask for a receipt.
  • Make sure that all of your valuables are concealed, especially in cars or on the beach
  • If your credit card is lost or stolen and you require emergency cash while you’re abroad we’re here to help.We can send emergency cash to most countries throughout the world and often within 48 hours.


Mastercard and VISA have ATM locators on their website, so you will never be too far away from some extra cash. You have a travel assistance service provided by International SOS Assistance which provides you with a variety of special emergency services to assist you when travelling outside your country of residence, for trips lasting no longer than 90 days. Some of the services incur a charge, which you would be responsible for paying if you were to use those services. Please note this is not insurance and is not a substitute for travel insurance. Find out more, here.

You’re fraud protected If your credit card is used without your knowledge or consent, please call us on freephone number 1800 286 262 or +353 71 95 94040 from abroad and we will block your card and investigate any potential fraud transactions.

It’s important you contact us immediately if you think your card has been lost or stolen or if you notice any unusual transactions on your account. We will be here to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If anyone fraudulently spends on your credit card, or you didn’t receive the goods or services you paid for, we’ll help you get a refund under the Mastercard or VISA chargeback scheme.

Are there charges for using my card abroad?

Outside the Eurozone, a foreign currency fee of 2.65% applies on all transactions.
The foreign currency fee will be displayed on your monthly statement.
A cash handling fee of 1.5% (minimum €2.50, no maximum) is applied to your account when you make a cash transaction.


Protecting your Card from Fraud


What do I need to know about fraudulent emails (Phishing)?

Fraudsters engage in this activity where they attempt to impersonate your bank, credit card provider, utility company or other entity and ask you to respond by going to a dummy login page where you are requested to enter personal information which can then be used to make fraudulent transactions on your bank or credit card account. The name given to this type of fraud is Phishing.
Phishing e-mails may pretend to come from government departments such as the Revenue Commissioner, as well as banks, credit card companies and online shops.
They may sound convincing or contain realistic-looking logos and official-sounding text. They may even carry a warning about Phishing.

Remember: We will never email and ask you to enter your credit card number, login details or any personal information. If you are in doubt, always delete emails of this nature.
By responding to such e-mails or going to the website address on the email and entering your information, you are giving the fraudsters all the information they need to use your credit card to make transactions which may then appear on your monthly statement. Please bear in mind that we will always do everything in our power to help you if there are transactions on your account that are not yours.

Extra checks you can make are:
The address used by a counterfeit site may be very similar to our genuine website addresses. Look closely for spelling differences or the use of symbols, e.g. www.avant-money.ie or www.aventmoney.ie
Hidden addresses - rest your cursor over a link in an email (but don't click on it) and a box will pop up showing you the link destination - do you recognise it as a legitimate address? If not it could suggest that the sender has something to hide.

What do I need to know about fraudulent phone calls (Vishing)?

Fraudsters don't only strike online. There has been an increase in hoax phone calls with callers claiming to be bank employees or from large technology companies asking for personal details.
If the caller claims to be one of our employees and you have reason to doubt their identity, hang up and, if possible, use a different phone and dial the telephone number at the back of your credit card to check if we have tried to call you.

A phone scam that is quite common today is where the caller will claim to be technical support staff from a computer software company. They will usually tell you that they have noticed from their records that you need to have your computer urgently updated, along with a list of dangerous sounding outcomes if you do not – such as a new virus is likely to corrupt your device.

These calls can take 2 directions, both of which can lead to fraud on your account:
They may ask for remote access to your computer to install a virus which will allow then to obtain your personal details.

They may ask you for your credit card details for a payment to “fix” your computer. This may also include a request to give them your card number, expiry, 3 digit CVC number from the back of your card and even your 3D Secure password – this could allow them to either take a payment directly from your card or use your details to order large cash payments via payment channels like the Western Union.

What is "skimming"?

Skimming is the theft of credit card information used in a legitimate transaction. The fraudster can use a small electronic device (skimmer) to swipe and store credit card numbers. Instances of skimming have been reported where the fraudster has put a device or group of devices illicitly installed on an ATM. More recently made ATMs now often run a picture of what the slot and keypad are supposed to look like as a background, so you can identify if there are any foreign devices attached.

What happens if my cards are used fraudulently?

If your credit card is used without your knowledge or consent, or goes missing, please call our 24 hour Lost & Stolen Team on this freephone number 1800 286 262 or +353 71 95 94040 from abroad. They will block your card immediately, investigate any unrecognised transactions and help you get a refund through the Mastercard or VISA chargeback process.

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What is Cashback?

Cashback rewards of 1.25% are paid on shopping and entertainment spend, including online, that’s your shopping for groceries, in department stores, clothes & shoe shops, chemists, hardware, electrical, petrol stations, restaurants, concert tickets and public houses.

Any spend on travel, gambling or services aren’t covered by Cashback such as holidays, car hire, public transport, flights, hotels, online betting, book makers, healthcare, electricity, water and gas charges.

All merchants choose how their business is classified for spend on credit cards; if they classify their business as travel or services we do not include them for Cashback rewards, for example a restaurant in a hotel, which is classified as accommodation, will not be eligible for rewards.

The categories of rewarded spend may change occasionally and updates will displayed on our website.

Cashback rewards will be credited to your account on your monthly statement. The maximum Cashback reward is €12 per month.

Where can I see how much Cashback or Interest Refund I have earned?

Your rewards will be displayed on your credit card statement as either “Cashback Reward” or “Interest Refund Reward” - depending on which option you choose on your application.

Is there a limit to the amount of rewards I can earn?

The maximum reward in any monthly statement is €12 in Cashback and €24 for Interest Refund.

Will I receive Cashback on everything I buy with my Reward+ card?

No. Most of your shopping, (including online shopping), in grocery shops, supermarkets, department stores & hardware and your entertainment spend such as Restaurants, Public Houses and Concert Tickets etc., will qualify for Cashback. The categories of rewarded spend may change occasionally and updates will be displayed on our website. Please see below for a summary of the transactions which are included and excluded for Cashback rewards;

Full list of qualifying transaction here .

Can Avant Money suspend my rewards?

Yes. You must continue to make at least your minimum payment by the date advised on your statement to continue to receive Cashback rewards. If we suspend, block or cancel your card, due to the non-payment of a balance outstanding for more than 60 days, you will cease to be eligible for the rewards programme.

What is Interest Refund?

If you use your card regularly and don’t always pay off the full balance outstanding on your card you will be charged retail interest.

With the Interest Refund reward you will earn 15% of the Retail Interest charged on your previous monthly statement. The reward is paid as a credit to your card account and can then be used for whatever you like. The maximum monthly reward is €24

Note: Interest paid on cash withdrawals is not included in the Interest Refund reward. You cannot use your Interest Refund to pay your minimum monthly repayment as advised on your monthly statement.

When will I get my Cashback or Interest Refund rewards?

Your rewards will be paid into your credit card account a month in arrears. For example 15% of the Retail Interest from your January statement will be credited to your account in your February statement.

What is Pick & Mix and how does it work?

Our Reward+ credit card allows new customers to select their preference for an introductory offer and for an always on reward.

Introductory offers – select one of the following;

€30 credit to your account or 0% interest offers for Purchases (1 month), Balance Transfers (2 months), and Money Transfers (3 months).

Always on reward offers - select one of the following;

Interest Refund; 15% of the Retail Interest paid on your statement will be refunded in the following statement, or Cashback; 1.25% of your spend on shopping and entertainment will be credited back to your account, one statement in arrears.

Can I use the rewards to pay my bill?

No. Rewards are applied to your account as a credit and cannot be used to pay off your bill or for settling your minimum payment.

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One time passcodes (OTP)


What is a one-time passcode?

A one-time passcode is a random number that Avant Money will send to you in real time via an SMS text message to your mobile device. One-time passcodes help make your online banking and transactions more secure.

When will I need a one-time passcode?

You will be asked to enter a one-time passcode on some occasions when banking online or carrying out 3D secure transactions.

If you have not logged into your online banking account with the past 90 days you will be prompted for a one-time passcode.

You may also be prompted for a one time passcode on other occasions such as when updating contact details, for example, your address or email.

Please note, Avant Money will never ask you to complete Strong Customer Authentication by clicking on a link in an EMAIL or a TEXT message.
You should never disclose a one time passcode to anyone. If you have disclosed your one time passcode at any time please contact us immediately.

You can find additional information regarding the one time passcode by clicking here.

How do I get a one-time passcode?

One-time passcodes are sent via SMS – Please ensure your mobile number is up to date for all credit card accounts that you have with us.