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Great fixed rates on home improvement loans over €20k
If your bathroom needs freshening up or your bedrooms give you sleepless nights, transform them with an Avant Money Home Improvement Loan.
Family enjoying new kitchen after a home improvement loan.

home improvement loan calculator

See what you can borrow

We’ve created the easy-to-use Avant Money Home Improvement Loan Calculator to give you a clear idea of what your repayments could be:

check_circleChoose how much you want to borrow. You can apply to borrow any amount between €5,000 and €75,000.
check_circleDecide how long you want to repay with loan terms of 12 – 120 months*
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Everything happens online

Everything happens online

You can apply anytime, anywhere - and if you need any assistance with your application,our contact centre team is happy to help. Just call 071 959 4076

Apply for a Home Improvement loan online

Apply for a Home Improvement Loan online

Applying is simple and you can immediately check if you’re eligible:

check_circleApply online and if you’re eligible, you can have approval in principle in minutes.
check_circleOur interest rates are fixed, which means your repayment amount will never change.
check_circleThere are no set up or early repayment fees.
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Why choose avant money title

Why choose Avant Money?

Why choose avant money benefits 1


Avant Money makes it simple to borrow what’s needed to transform your plans into reality.

Fixed interest rates

You can be sure that the interest rate will stay the same over the entire repayment period.

No early repayment fees

You won’t face any fees or charges if you want to repay the loan in full earlier than expected.

Why choose avant money benefits 2

Award-winning customer support
Award-winning contact centre

If you have any questions or need assistance, we’re just a phone call away.

Flexible loan terms

You choose the repayment period that suits your budget from 12 months up to 10 years.

Borrow €5k - €75k

You can borrow up to €75k; and if you need less than €5k, why not consider an Avant Money Credit Card ?

Home Improvement Loan Calculator

Try our Home Improvement Loan Calculator

and check your eligibilty today

What does a Home Improvement loan cover?

What does a Home Improvement Loan cover?

It’s all about flexibility. An Avant Money Home Improvement Loan can be used for whatever you have in mind.

check_circleExtending into the roof space?
check_circleStretching out into the garden?
check_circleReplacing a bathroom or creating a dream kitchen?
Friends socialising in new garden space of a recently refurbished home.

Why upgrade your property section heading

Why upgrade your property?

There are many reasons why applying for an Avant Money Home Improvement Loan makes sense

Why upgrade your property

Young woman cooking in her new kitchen.

A Roomier Home

Is it time to think bigger? With vision and imagination, homes can be enlarged to create space for all the family. Apply today to check your eligibility!

Young woman relaxing after a home improvement project.

More Comfort

Updated bathrooms, crisp modern kitchens and spacious open-plan rooms. An Avant Money Home Improvement Loan can mean more comfort for everyone.

New kitchen in a house funded by a home improvement loan.

Increased value

Investing in your home can add to its overall value and make it more attractive to buyers. The flexibility of an Avant Money Home Improvement Loan will streamline the process.

Lady in a wheelchair accessing her home with a new ramp funded by a home improvement loan.

Hassle Free Improvement

Want a more up-to-date home that matches your current needs? You don’t need security, valuation or solicitors with our home improvement loans.

Careful planning lowers costs

  • Careful planning lowers costs

    With any home improvement project, costs can easily spin out of control. That’s why it’s so essential to plan and anticipate any issues that might make extra demands on your budget. 

    Being optimistic is great - but assuming everything will be fine can come with a hefty price tag.

Ways to stop costs spiralling

Ways to stop costs spiralling:

Prevent costs spiralling checklist 1

Plan on paper

Once you have made your decisions, stick to them. Sudden changes of direction can have a negative impact on costs.


If you can take care of any jobs yourself, do so. Applying your skills – or learning new ones – can lead to significant savings.

Quotes help cut costs

Shopping around will give you a better idea of your options. So don’t settle on the first supplier or contractor you find.

Prevent costs spiralling checklist 2

Give contractors plenty of time

By planning well in advance and giving contractors notice, you may be able to lock in a lower fee for the project.

Quality can pay dividends

Skimping on materials could lead to costly problems down the line. Pay a little extra for higher quality.

Long-term energy efficiency
They may cost more now, but using energy efficient materials can mean savings in the long term.

Home improvement loan checklist

Home Improvement Loan checklist

Home imprvement loan checklist

Match your plans with your goals

Are you absolutely satisfied that your plans will deliver what’s needed – for example, if converting your attic, will the new room be large enough for the purpose you’ve planned? Or are you clear by how much you will save by retrofitting insulation? 

Clearly brief your contractors

Have you clearly briefed contractors such as architects and suppliers? Vague plans and changes-of-mind in the middle of a project will result in higher costs. 

Budget for unexpected costs

Always ensure that your project includes a contingency budget to cover unforeseen expenses. Pulling up floorboards or removing plaster from walls often reveals unexpected problems that need fixing. 

Set a realistic timeline

Give your contractors enough time. Racing to complete a job due to an unrealistic schedule can mean hiring costly extra resources. 

Check your suppliers’ credentials

Are your contractors up to the challenge? Make sure you get testimonials from previous clients who have had similar work done. 

Check the impact of your plan on your property’s BER

BER is an important factor affecting your property’s value. When planning your improvement, try to ensure that the work will enhance your home’s overall energy efficiency. 

Acquire any necessary permissions If required

It’s essential that all planning permissions have been granted before you do any work. In an extreme situation, work undertaken might have to be removed if permission is subsequently denied by a local authority. 

Organise alternative accommodation if required

Will you need to move out while your work is being done? If so, don’t wait until the last minute to arrange temporary accommodation. 

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Our products

We have a range of great products to suit your needs

Image of a house highlighting Avant Money Mortgage Products

Want certainty? By protecting you against the possibility that interest rate might rise, Avant Money's One Mortgage offers complete peace of mind.

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Car Loan

Ready to change or upgrade your car? Whatever car you want to purchase, get a fast loan decision from Avant Money.

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By streamlining your borrowing, you could make real savings. Use an Avant Money Refinance Loan to replace your other loans with a single monthly payment.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Loan Interest Rates 

Home Improvement Loans

Loans from
Loan €
Fixed interest*
Fixed rate
€5,000 – €19,999
7.9% – 18.3%
8.2% – 19.9%
€20,000 – €75,000
6.9% – 15.7%
7.1% – 16.9%

*Rates and loan terms are correct as of 22nd February 2024 and are subject to change (Source: CCPC.ie). Maximum APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is 19.9%. Minimum loan term is 12 months and maximum term is 120 months. Loan terms vary depending on the purpose of the loan; 120 month terms are only available for Home Improvement and Refinance loans of €20,000 to €75,000.

Lending criteria, terms and conditions will apply. Personal loans are available to residents of the Republic of Ireland over the age of 18 and are subject to repayment capacity and financial status. Proof of income and a credit reference agency search will be required to help us approve your request. Personal loans are unsecured and not available for business purposes, house purchase or investment.

Representitive example Home imp

Representative example:

On a €20,000 loan over 5 years, at a fixed rate of 6.9% (7.1% APR) you will pay €395.08 a month. The total cost of credit would be €3,704.86 and the total amount repayable would be €23,704.86.

Rate offered takes into account financial profile and credit history.


Our interest rates vary depending on the value of your loan and credit profile. We will assign you the appropriate interest rate once your application has been reviewed. To find out more about the loan values and applicable interest rates, check out our rate table.

warning component

Warning: If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit, a hire-purchase agreement, a consumer-hire agreement or a BNPL agreement in the future.

know more component

Need more help?

Got a question? Everything you need to know about getting a personal loan from us can be found in our help centre.


You can also apply by calling our dedicated loans team
between the hours of 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and
8am to 2pm on Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Call us today on:
(071) 959 4076

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fixed rate home improvement loan?

Avant Money Home Improvement loan interest rates are fixed. This means your monthly repayments will always stay the same for the lifetime of your loan.

Is a home improvement loan tax deductible?

At the moment, a home improvement loan is not tax-deductible in Ireland. Previously, under the Home Renovation Incentive scheme some home improvement work undertaken between 25 October 2013 and 31 December 2018 was subject to tax relief.

How do I apply for a home improvement loan?

To apply for an Avant Money Home Improvement Loan, first use our Loan Calculator to check how much you can borrow. You can then apply online here and if you’re eligible, approval in principle can be given in minutes.

How much can I borrow for my home improvement loan?

If eligible, you can borrow any amount between €5,000 and €75,000 for home improvements and repay the amount over any period up to ten years. If you need less than €5000, why not consider a Avant Money Credit Card?