Personal loan and credit card application FAQs

Personal Loan FAQ's

Can I choose the repayment term in months instead of years?

Yes. You can now choose a repayment term in months not years - you can choose whatever number of months suits you best - handy when you know exactly how much you can afford to repay each month.

I'm leaving Ireland to work abroad, what will happen to my loan?

If you are planning to leave Ireland, you will need to contact us to make suitable arrangements for your loan. Please call our loans team on 0818 409 511*.

How to set up or amend direct debit details

The easiest way to set up or amend your direct debit is by using our personal loan online direct debit mandate provided by our third-party partner, DocuSign.

DocuSign is a company that provides corporations and individuals with electronic services in document management. It allows people to put their digital signatures on documents, such as contracts and agreements, using its secure technology. Entities that use DocuSign's services can authenticate entities, individuals, documents, and workflow, along with user identity management electronically. For more information, please read Privacy Notice | DocuSign.

Once you have completed the form you will receive a confirmation email with the document attached.

Please note the following:

  • Please be aware that it can take some time for your new direct debit to be active and ready to take payments from your bank account. To confirm if your new direct debit is in place you can speak to one of our Customer Service team on 0818 409 511. Our team are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm on Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays. 
  • If you have multiple accounts with us, you must fill in a direct debit mandate for each account.
  • Direct debits cannot be set up from a savings account. 
  • If you are setting up the direct debit from a joint account and both signatures are required, you must download the personal loan printable direct debit mandate, print it, have both parties sign the mandate, and return it to us by post. 
  • If you do not wish to fill the form out electronically, you can download the personal loan printable direct debit mandate, sign it, and post it back to us.
How do I make repayments?

Payments are taken automatically via direct debits, as per your payment schedule. If you are late with a payment you will need to make a manual payment by debit card. This can be done by giving us a call on 0818 409 511.

How do I make additional payments?

If you wish to make additional payments, you can do so through your bank.

All you need to do is set up Avant Money as a PAYEE, using our BIC CITIIE2X, IBAN: IE90CITI99005117683012. Please use your loan account number starting with “30000…” as the payment reference; please do not input your name or any other details as this will result in your payment being returned.

How many years can I take out a loan for?

10 year terms are available for Home Improvement and Refinance loans between €20,000 and €75,000. Most other loan purposes have a 7 year maximum term (excluding loans for medical, funerals, holidays and insurance purposes) and for any value amount from €5,000 to €75,000. The minimum term for all loans is 1 year.

What if I miss a payment?

A €10 fee will apply each time your monthly repayment has not reached your loan account in cleared funds by the payment date.

I’m not sure I can meet my repayments, what should I do?

If you’re concerned about meeting your repayments or if you’re experiencing financial difficulties please call the loans team on 0818 409 511 as soon as possible and they will work with you to find a solution. Please read our guide to managing debt


How do I make a complaint?

If you have a complaint we want to hear from you. Please call us on 0818 409 511* or write to us at Customer Advocate Manager, PO Box 25, Carrick-on-Shannon. Co. Leitrim.

For more information on our complaints process please click here.

*Calls charged at national rates, cost may vary depending on your telecoms provider.

Why is my Chill Money account changing to Avant Money?

Avant Money and Chill Insurance mutually agreed to cease the Chill Money consumer finance partnership.  Your Chill Money account will convert to an Avant Money account.  Currently, you don’t need to do anything.  Your Chill Money account(s) will continue to work as they do today.   You don’t need to make any changes to how you make your payments or transactions.

I am a Chill Money customer and I have been advised I will become an Avant Money customer, what happens next?

We will be in contact with you over the coming weeks regarding the move from Chill Money to Avant Money to update you on any future actions you need to take.  You don’t need to do anything right now. Avant Money already acts as the financial institution that underwrites and services the credit card and/or loan that you hold. Your credit card and / or loan will continue to operate as normal.  There is no change to the way your data is stored or processed.  For further information on our data privacy policy see

Switcher loans FAQ's

Switcher loans FAQ's

Why should I switch to an Avant Money fixed rate loan?
  • Repayments on an Avant Money fixed rate loan will never change over the lifetime of the loan.
  • Most other lenders in Ireland offer variable rate personal loans, this means that they can increase the interest rate on your loan so that your monthly repayments and the total interest you will repay would increase.
How much money could I save by moving my loan(s) to Avant Money?
  • Use our switcher calculator to work out how much you could save by moving your existing personal loan(s) to Avant Money. We need a few details from you to work out how much you could save;

◦ You can add several loans from different banks and providers into the calculator – to see how much you could save by amalgamating several loans. Handy if you want to have one low monthly repayment instead of several different repayments each month.

◦ You can also add a ‘top up amount’ – if you want an additional amount on top of the loans you want to refinance.

I want to switch my loan to Avant Money – what do I need to do?
  • Use the switcher calculator and see what saving you can make by refinancing your existing loans, you can also add a ‘top up amount’ should you require one.
  • Complete the online application form and upload your documents when requested (Photo ID, Utility Bill & Bank Statements).
How many months or years do I have to repay the loan?
  • We offer loan terms from 1 to 10 years for switcher loans over €20,000 and up to 7 years for loans of €19,999 or less.
  • To show you the potential savings available from switching your existing loan(s) to Avant Money we use the average loan term of your existing loans as the default term for your new loan.
  • If you would prefer a different term than this default, use the 'Switcher loan term length' option to specify the preferred term for your new loan:

How can I find out what interest rate I’m on with my current lender?
  • To get the most accurate illustration of how much you can save by moving your loan to Avant Money you should input the exact Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on your loan(s); this will be available on the contract you signed and is usually available on the lender’s banking app or loan statements.

  • You can also hit the button on the calculator for ‘Use current advertised APR for your current provider’; please note, this may not be the actual rate that applies to your loan.