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We work to protect you
At Avant Money, we take the protection of your personal information seriously. We consistently work on our policies, procedures and protections to protect you and your information against fraud.

Various types of scams in operation

Various types of scams in operation

There are various types of scams in operation, we've listed some of these below. Being aware and informed is just one way you can be armed against falling victim to fraud.

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Fraudsters use fake emails in order to induce individuals to reveal personal or sensitive information.

The use of voicemails or phone calls by fraudsters to obtain sesitive data from indivuduals for their gain.

Fraudsters send text messages purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information.

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Investment scams are where fraudsters try to trick you into investing money, for example, in stocks, commodities, currency, or even real estate.

Fraudsters install illegal devices on ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) terminals, or fuel pumps with the intent to capture data such as your credit card PIN.

Current fraud alerts.

Current fraud and security alerts

Current scams that we are aware of are listed below.

Security Alerts

Fraudulent calls being made to consumers about potential fraud on their card accounts

Updated: 27.07.2023

Avant Money has become aware of fraudulent calls being made to consumers about potential fraud on their card accounts. The calls appear to be coming from our customer services number 0818 211 784 however this number is being spoofed* and is an inbound number only (staff cannot make outgoing calls fro this number). 

Callers are pretending to be Avant Money representatives in an attempt to trick you into disclosing your security credentials in order to authorise transactions for their use.

*A hoax or trick

Avoid falling victim to a scam.

Protect yourself by being alert.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from falling victim to fraudsters.

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Avant Money staff will never ask you to move money from one account to another.
Never move funds from one account to another if asked to do so by an anyone unknown to you. If someone contacts you threatening legal action or a possible fine for not transferring funds, conduct some research or consult a legal advisor before taking action.
Avant Money staff will never ask you for your card security details or login information by phone, text message or email.
Never share sensitive information such as your PIN or one-time passcode with anyone, especially if they’ve contacted you unsolicited. Avant Money staff will never ask you for these details or would not ask you to accept a push notification to cancel a fraudulent transaction.
Avant Money staff will never ask you to click on a link (via email or text message) to login or access your Avant Money account.
Only login to your Avant Money account through the following URL Be wary of any links sent to you in texts or emails. If you need to log into you account and not sure where to go, use the 'login' link on our website under 'Credit cards'.
Avant Money staff will never ask you to download software such as 'Any desk' or ask you to 'share your screen' during a call.
Never download software if someone claiming to work from Avant Money requests that you do so. They’re likely trying to access your personal information.
Not sure the call is from us? End the call and contact us right away using the call number on the back of your card. We will be more than happy to assist!
Remember - Fraudsters can fake phone numbers to make them appear legitimate. Although the caller ID might appear to be from an organisation’s number, that’s not always the case. Contact the organisation directly using an official email or phone number. Never hit the call-back button.
The tax office or the Department of Social Protection will never ask for your personal security or financial information through email, text or phone.
To avoid falling victim to an impersonation scam, ensure your personal information is not disclosed in these circumstances.

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What to do if you’re a victim of fraud?

What to do if you're a victim of fraud

If you've been tricked by a fraudster into sending them money, or you are concerned you have provided personal information in response to a fraudulent SMS text message, we’d ask that you contact us immediately.

If you think you‘ve been a victim of fraud or have noticed unusual activity on your account after receiving an SMS text message, we’d ask that you contact us immediately.

If you believe you’ve received a fraudulent phone call, text message or email, please email the details to, or simply call us on the number on the back of your card to inform us about your experience.

Reporting a fraud

Lost or stolen credit card?


If your credit card is used without your permission, or it gets lost or stolen, please call our 24 hour Lost & Stolen Team on freephone 1800 286 262 or +353 71 95 94040 if you're calling from abroad.

If your concerned, the Avant Money Mobile app can give you additional information about your transactions. In the app, simply click on a transaction to see further details such as its location.

Phishing, smishing & vishing


If you believe you’ve received a fraudulent phone call, text message, or email, please forward us the correspondence to

Don't recognise a transaction?


If a transaction is showing on your statement that you believe is incorrect, please check recent activity with any additional card holders. If you still don’t recognise it, contact our Customer Service Team on 0818 409 511*

* Contact centre hours are 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays. Calls charged at national rates. Cost may vary depending on your telecoms provider

Freeze your card


If you have misplaced your card you can freeze it using the Avant Money Mobile app. Go to the 'Cards' tab and select 'Freeze card'. This immediately blocks your card from being used, giving you peace of mind.

When you find your card again you can instantly unfreeze it using the app.