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Customers self-service options

Customer self-service options

There are many ways you can self-serve your account with Avant Money.

Last updated: 03.10.2021
Making payments to your credit card

Online or via mobile app

Log in to your My Avant Money account or mobile app and make a payment directly using your debit card. 

From your current account via online banking:

To make a payment to your credit card another way is via your current account online banking. You will need some details to complete this.

  • Our IBAN: IE90CITI99005117683012
  • Your 16 digit credit card account number which begins with 245. This is different to your card number and must exclude any '000' if displayed at the start of the account number. You will find this number on your statement. Using any other information as a reference will result in your payment being returned.
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View your transactions
View your transactions via My Avant Money at, or via the Avant Money mobile app. Please see our transactions FAQ’s for more details
Online shopping
3DS secure - Mastercard identity Check™ helps verify that your purchases are truly yours. In the event of uncertainty, you might be asked to further authenticate your identity via: - One-time passcode - security questions - Your 4-digit Avant Money App login passcode and/or your biometrics (fingerprint or face ID).
Check your card or loan application status
If you have recently applied for a credit card or personal loan and would like an update on its status, please log into our Document Centre. Simply input your application reference number (you will have received this via email) and your date of birth.

Once logged in, you can see the most up to date status of your application and any documents we’re looking for. This is the latest information available to our staff. If we need anything from you we’ll be in touch so just keep an eye on your phone and email.

See here for more detail on application FAQ’s.

If these don’t cover off what you need, please bear with us and possibly try ringing early in the day or later in the evening when it's less busy.


Support cards and Loans

Credit Card FAQs

Take a look at our most frequestly asked questions
to find the answer to your problem.

Loan FAQs

Find out about our personal loans and
more to guide you on your way.

Mortgages and App Row

Mortgages FAQs

All you need to know about starting on your
Avant Money Mortgage journey.

Application FAQs

Help with your Credit Card or Personal Loan application journey.
(See Mortgages FAQs for Mortgage application queries).

Further Useful resources

Further useful resources (Credit Cards & Personal Loans)

Here are some other pages that may help you find out what you need to know.
Uploading your documents

Useful hints and tips on how to use our document portal.


Useful numbers for getting in touch about your loan, card or mortgage.


We are continuing to offer support to our customers as the effects of Covid-19 continue to impact our society. Find out more.