Income and expenditure form

Income and Expenditure Form

Complete our Income and Expenditure form provided by our third-party company, DocuSign, so that we can evaluate your current financial situation in the quickest and most convenient manner possible.

We will assess your current financial situation based on the information provided on this form therefore it is important you complete every section as accurately as possible.

DocuSign is a company that provides corporations and individuals with electronic services in document management. It allows people to put their digital signatures on documents, such as contracts and agreements, using its secure technology. Entities that use DocuSign's services can authenticate entities, individuals, documents, and workflow, along with user identity management electronically. For more information, please read Privacy Notice | DocuSign.

Important Information

Once we have received your Income and Expenditure form, we will take the most appropriate action for your circumstances. If your account is put on an agreed payment plan, this information could be visible on your credit file for the duration of our agreement and up to five years later, which could be viewed by other creditors and affect your ability to obtain future credit. It is important not to complete this form unless you have spoken to one of our team members.